Extreme Freeze Deli Containers

Extreme Freeze Deli Containers

Originally developed for flash freeze applications in the food service industry. Our exclusive Reditainer Extreme Freeze Deli Containers are made of a specially formulated blend of polypropylene with unique additives engineered to create a new breed of plastic capable of withstanding freezing temperatures down to 40 degrees below zero for extended periods without becoming brittle. Ordinary polypropylene containers become brittle and crack with time when frozen below 28 degrees above zero.

Our Extreme Freeze Deli Containers are designed to meet FDA standards, BPA Free, recyclable and are microwave & dishwasher safe. (From -40 degrees to +260 degrees, as with all plastics top shelf of dishwasher is recommended).

Available in 8 ounce, 12 ounce, 16 ounce, 24 ounce, 32 ounce

and 64 ounce sizes.

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Comments from Customers:

Dorothy from Onancock, Virginia: LOVE these containers. I cook up big batches to freeze. I have 8, 12 & 16 oz sizes. One suggestion: OK to freeze with red sauce, but transfer to glass before heating. Red sauce stains most plastic containers when hot. Then put COLD water and dish soap in the container, scrub, and no stains left behind.

Candice from Largo, Florida: This is the third order I have placed with them, I cannot get enough of them. I now also use them for food storage at home!

Kristen from Austin, Texas: The package says they are BPA-free, YAY!!! Just ordered and received. I had one too many glass mason jars explode on me after freezing my bone broth. These are heavy duty plastic and I know I’d rather freeze in glass, but seriously, the broken glass and mess in the bottom half of fridge was too much. These are perfect. May try 16 oz size too. Thanks.

Judy from Lovettsville, Virginia : Excellent freezer containers.

Cecelia from Annapolis, Maryland : This product used a lot by The Barefoot Contessa to freeze soups, etc.

Darla from Blacklick, Ohio: Love the containers…exactly what I needed.

Peter from Albuquerque, New Mexico: Great product. Works great in the freezer.

John from Summerville, South Carolina: Fast Shipping, great product for the money. 16oz sizes are perfect for freezing 1 pound of ground beef or turkey.

Libby from Roswell, Georgia: LOVE these containers; affordable and very practical! I use for freezing stocks, soups, etc and when I make food for others, I use these containers! I will be purchasing again when I am low! (Which is why in the first place I re-purchased these guys!)

Emily from Prospect Heights, IL: I bought this as a gift for my mom. When I visit, she likes to send me home with enough food for months. I always leave with containers and never bring them back. I thought these would be perfect to just send to her and y’know, end up with me full of food.

Nancy from Cabot, Arkansas: These are wonderful. Clean well, so far, nothing has stained them. Have used in freezer and use these and smaller size almost daily for leftovers.

Vikki from Taylorsville, Utah: Great size for freezing make ahead meals or leaving behind if sharing with friends. Inexpensive but strong.